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Pain-free, Needle-free & Safe For All Ages! Now You Can Live Life Symptom Free!

Allergy Care
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Allergy Care
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The Allergy Relief Protocol is a proven technology that uses lasers and biofeedback to identify and relieve allergies by reducing or eliminating sensitivities to allergens. By identifying the specific allergen and treating the problem at its very source, the body’s inappropriate response can be retrained to react properly to allergens. Once treated, patients are able to make contact with the allergen once again without worry of severe allergic reactions.

There is an extensive body of scientific knowledge and in-depth studies performed on allergens and allergic reactions. The Allergy Relief Protocol performed with the BAX 3000 Laser technology and its successful treatments have been developed from many years of clinical research.  The collaborative effort, contributed by health care professionals, ongoing research, and the successful treatments of this protocol, is leading an allergy revolution.

All life has a unique identifier called a frequency. The BAX 3000 system transmits a digital signal with a frequency unique to each tested allergen. When the body reacts negatively to this frequency, it simulates a very subtle reaction to the allergen itself, as if it were administered in a very small and safe exposure level. By monitoring and treating the body’s response to this specific allergen or group of allergens, the body is reprogrammed to respond appropriately. When each allergen or groups of allergens are identified the treatment can be targeted and specifically address that allergy symptom. 

Targeted treatments consist of using the advanced laser technology to stimulate the nervous system. The nervous system is stimulated through specific points on the body, similar to acupuncture points. When these points are targeted with the laser it causes a positive stimulation. While the body is in this positive state through the laser stimulation, the digital frequency of the allergen being treated is simultaneously exposed to the body. The body reassociates the allergen from being a harmful stimulus into a positive stimulus. This complex process reduces or eliminates the body’s perception of a harmful allergen.

Dr. Ivan Pavlov once proved, in 1903, that physiology can be conditioned to respond positively by external stimulus. His study showed that a dog’s response to food, through the salivary glands, could be activated by the sound of a bell, even though food was not present.

A similar process occurs when the body is reprogrammed to respond positively to what would normally be perceived as harmful allergens. Once the body’s perception is changed, the body corrects its own inappropriate response.

This biological process has indefinite results and does not include allergy medications, allergy remedies, or painful and expensive shots. All treatments are safe, effective, and painless, and can be administered to all ages including children and even infants.

Contact Us today to arrange for an allergy assessment by the doctor and take the next step to treating your allergy symptoms permanently.

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