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BOYD B Had seasonal allergies and could not eat ice cream.
After several treatments seasonal allergies were eliminated and he can now eat ice cream without reaction.

LEAH V Allergic to molds in her house. After treatment reaction to molds was eliminated and able to resume activity in home.

JEFF Newly married but lived in two separate houses due to allergy to spouse’s cats.
Cat allergies disappeared and sold one house. Jeff has had no problem since.
JAMIE & SON Both had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Son was hospitalized once monthly for four months prior to treatment.
After treatments IBS disappeared and both ate Thanksgiving Dinner for the first time.

DR SUSAN B Used an inhaler 5 times daily and severely allergic to pets.
After only a few treatments inhaler is only needed once daily and is beginning search for puppy.

BEV L Unable to visit relative who had at least 50 pets, due to severe pet allergies.
Able to visit relative with no symptoms after several treatments for animal allergen group.
DR MICHAEL B Had severe seasonal allergies. Allergy scanning revealed a reaction to vitamin B.
All seasonal allergies disappeared after only two treatments.
WILLIAM Teenager suddenly developed a vomiting reaction to eggs.
Able to eat eggs within two days of allergy treatment for eggs.


BABY Three year old suffered from eczema since infancy that covered the entire body. Could not walk on grass or eat normal foods without reaction. Eczema cleared after treatment and babycan now walk on grass barefoot and eat normal foods.

SON OF YAVONNE Allergic to all foods with red food dye.
After treatments could child eat any foods with red food dye without reactions.
RANDY B Middle-aged adult born with eczema, suffered with severe sinusitis and seasonal allergies resulting in chronic sinus infections and compounded by eczematic outbreaks from allergy medications.  
Scanning revealed multiple allergies to many allergen groups. After one month of treatment eczema began to clear. Within two months, suffered no allergy reactions to season change in 2010.


GINA B Husband’s severe allergies would not allow use of perfumes, hairspray, body lotions, soaps or shampoos with perfume or petroleum substances.
Able to use perfume and hairspray, as well as other products, for the first time in 15 years.

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