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Allergy Care


Pain-free, Needle-free & Safe For All Ages! Now You Can Live Life Symptom Free!


$20 billion spent worldwide on rhinitus

$8 billion spent on allergy medications

20% of worldwide population suffers from allergies

New Zealand allergies increased by 50% in last 25 years

Disability-adjusted life years lost is similar
  to diabetes & liver cirrhosis

COPD is a major public health problem

Allergy Relief Protocol addresses symptoms caused by the negative reaction toward any substance or stimulus. The database of over
25,000 substances allows identification of the exact allergen causing a reaction - to the component level of proteins and molecules.
Here are a few allergens:

Dust, Dust Mites,
Food Beverages,
Eggs, Dairy,
Wheats, Grain,
Coffee, Wine,
Beer (alcohol),
Shellfish, Nuts,
Fabrics, Plastics,
Chemicals, Latex,
Herbal Remedies,
Woods, Metals,
Sunlight, Grasses,
Seasonal Allergies,
Trees, Weeds,
Pollens, Hayfever,
Plants, Animals,
Insects, Cats,
Dogs, Horses,
Stinging Insects,

Allergy Care Food Allergy

Allergic diseases have become a growing concern for allergy researchers and the public who suffer from them. Organizations such as the World Allergy Organizations and WHO (World Health Organization) are contributing significant research about allergies and their consequences.

One such organization, GA(2)LEN, reports that “allergies and asthma are among the most common chronic diseases in Europe” and yet are “insufficiently recognized, diagnosed, prevented and treated”.

Evidence from GINA’s (Global Initiative for Asthma ) 2009 Pocket Guide indicates “asthma is a major cause of chronic morbidity and mortality throughout the world with considerably increased prevalence over the past 20 years, especially in children”.

Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) has determined that “COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease remains a major public health problem being the fourth leading cause of chronic morbidity and mortality in the United States” (GOLD Report, 2009).

The World Health Organization estimates that “20% of the world population suffer from allergic diseases” (WHO, 2010).

A WHO Public Health Review reports asthma sufferers alone constitute 300 million people and that “the number of disability adjusted life years or DALYs lost due to asthma worldwide is similar to that for diabetes, liver cirrhosis and schizophrenia” (WHO, 2005).

Allergies have become a worldwide epidemic and there is evidence of a steady increase of sufferers in various populations worldwide. In some countries estimates are as high as 45%.

By some estimates allergies have doubled in the last 25 years and some countries such as New Zealand have increased by 50% according to WHO statistics.


Costs related to allergies are soaring and so are concerns over the health and welfare of children who are showing newly developed allergies that can be life-threatening and can last a lifetime.

Costs are reaching the $20 billion annually worldwide for rhinitis alone, $8 billion of which constitutes allergy drugs annually (WAO, 2007).

Costs are still climbing and include medications, doctor visits, co pays, injections, and time off work for allergy related illness. In fact respiratory allergies alone are estimated to affect nearly 15-30%* of populations.

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