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Allergy Care
Allergy Care Testimonials

Q: Does insurance cover the Allergy Relief Protocol treatments?

A: Generally, no it does not. However, your HSA (Health Spending Account) or HFA (Health Flex Account) can typically be used. Additionally, it is always wise to check with your tax advisor if you have more than average costs associated with medical out of pocket expenses that could affect your taxes in a positive way.

Q: How many treatments does it take?

A: The number of visits depends on the number of allergens that are found.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Indeed we do. We offer a 6 month or 12 month 0% interest financing through Care Credit.

Q: Can I be treated for just one allergen or allergen group instead of all of the allergen groups?

A: Yes. In fact, if you know what specific allergen or group to which you have reactions we can treat that group of allergens. Or, if you suspect an allergen origin we can scan you for that particular allergen group. This plan also includes, at no additional cost, the first group of allergens, which also covers a variety of substances for which many people have sensitivities. Therefore, you get two groups for the price of one. When being treated for only one group, the price is reduced.

Q: What type of results are generally achieved?

A: Thousands around the world have been treated with the Allergy Relief Protocol using the BAX 300 Laser technology with long-term results in the majority of these patients. Although there are many variables between patients and complexities related to allergens the results are not 100% guaranteed. Then again, neither are the traditional medical treatment options. However, our success rate is climbing as research expands and treatments are more targeted based upon experience.

Seasonal allergies and sensitivities to dairy products are relatively simple to treat with highly successful results. Skin irritations such as psoriasis and eczema may require more extensive treatments to specifically identify the allergen causes, but still have significant improvement although they may not be eliminated completely.

A: Results vary from person to person just as reactions to allergens vary between persons. Patients usually notice relief within a few short visits. Others, with extensive symptoms or underlying and unidentified allergy reactions may take longer. Please see our RESULTS page for specific details from those whom we have personally treated.

Q: How long will results last?

A: Patients report long-term results after years of treatment but we cannot guarantee that new allergies will not develop. But most results have shown to be long-term.  Keep in mind that medical treatments for allergies are also not guaranteed to be permanent.

A: In most cases results have consistently shown to be long-term, however, results cannot be guaranteed, nor can we guarantee that new allergies will not occur. Fortunately the alternative of using the Allergy Relief Protocol provides a safe and effective way to treat allergy symptoms without the long-term use of harmful drugs or painful shots.

Q: What is an Allergy?

A: The general use of the word allergy refers to the body’s inappropriate reaction to harmless substances. The actual process of allergy is much more complicated than this. What is important to know is that the body perceives substances as harmful when it comes into contact through one of several ways: inhaling, injecting, contact, or ingestion.  However, substances that are typically not harmful cause no reaction when the immune system is working properly. Unfortunately, when it has an altered reaction or “allergy”, it reacts with various symptoms.   

Q: Why choose the Allergy Relief Protocol over traditional methods?

A: Traditional medical treatments for allergies consist of avoiding the allergen altogether, injections that are intended to desensitize the body to the allergen, and medications to reduce or alleviate symptoms. In theory, the practices are understandable but not always practical or affordable.

For instance, avoiding allergens that are airborne or that may go unidentified in food sources is not practical in an age where foods are processed with many chemicals and compounds.

Secondly, injections are painful and expensive and do not always provide long-lasting results while they may take months and sometimes years to administer.

Lastly, over-the-counter medications and prescriptions may provide temporary relief but do not provide a permanent solution and do not eliminate the cause of the reaction.

For many, particularly children, the long-term side effects of medications can be unpredictable and parents should be wary. Furthermore, restrictions from the avoidance method may prove nearly impossible while children are in day cares and school situations.

In the meantime, why not consider a technique that identifies the actual source of the allergen, treats that specific source causing issues, while not requiring drugs or injections? Avoidance of the substance is only necessary for 24 hours after treatment.  Considering the alternatives the Allergy Relief Protocol appears to be the safest and most effective option for allergy relief.

Q: What are the qualifications of the staff to use the Allergy Relief Protocol?

A: The Allergy Relief Protocol treatments are administered by licensed doctors that have been technically trained to use the BAX 3000 Laser system. Additionally, Cedar Hill Chiropractic & Wellness Care is linked with health care professionals around the world who are also using this system and expanding our knowledge to treat allergy systems effectively.

Q: Has this system been medically proven?

A: Thousands of patients worldwide have had great success with having their allergies and sensitivities completely eliminated using the BAX 3000 system that has been FDA Cleared.

Q: Are there allergies that cannot be treated?A: Our treatments address symptoms caused by inappropriate responses by the body reacting to harmless substances. However, it does not treat conditions involving pathogens such as parasites, viruses, or bacteria.

Symptoms related to lactose intolerance can only be treated if there is allergy reaction to dairy products. However, lactose intolerance is usually caused by the inability to digest lactose which is the major sugar found in milk, and in this case it cannot be treated.  This condition is due to an insufficient amount of lactase enzyme produced by the cells of small intestine lining. Both conditions lactose intolerance and dairy allergies, are often confused because symptoms are similar and they occur simultaneously. Minimally, if you receive treatments that target underlying allergens related to dairy, some benefit can still be achieved to enhance quality of life.

Some allergies may be more complicated for those who may show symptoms to a specific fruit, but whose allergies are really from various components in the fruit or to pesticides used on the fruit.  Once the specific fruit is identified in addition to the pesticide, once treated, the reactions are eliminated.

Cat allergies can also cause reactions but the reaction could be due to more than just cat dander such as a reaction to glandular oil protein or cat saliva or possibly the pollens brought into the home by the cat fur. Again, finding the specific allergen is necessary to target treatment and reduce reactions.

Multiple symptoms may also require additional treatments particularly when some are not connected to actual allergies. When this happens various substances can compound reactions. This can make identifying the allergens a little more challenging. However, our extensive database of over 25,000 allergens is continually expanding and on-going research will continue to contribute to more successful treatments.



Take the first step today. With exclusive training Dr. Shawn Lavigne
will safely and effectively utilize
the BAX-3000 to diagnose and treat
your needless suffering. The diagnosis and treatment take minutes with long lasting results.

The Allergy Relief  Protocol  addresses symptoms caused by the negative
reaction toward any substance or  stimulus. The database of over 25,000 substances allows identification of the exact allergen causing a reaction - to the component level of proteins and molecules. Here are a few allergens:

Dust, Dust Mites,
Food Beverages,
Eggs, Dairy,
Wheats, Grain,
Coffee, Wine,
Beer (alcohol),
Shellfish, Nuts,
Fabrics, Plastics,
Chemicals, Latex,
Herbal Remedies,
Woods, Metals,
Sunlight, Grasses,
Seasonal Allergies,
Trees, Weeds,
Pollens, Hayfever,
Plants, Animals,
Insects, Cats,
Dogs, Horses,
Stinging Insects,

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